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Design, Instillation and Repair
Spring Activation Winterizing
(We do not give free estimates on repairs)
A Professionally installed automatic sprinkler system is the smart way to beautify your landscape.
  A sprinkler system will make watering more effective and save you time and money.
Full Coverage provides free estimates, and use only the highest quality parts available.
We use drip systems for flower beds, trees and shrubs.
Drip, delivers water directly where needed to the root of the plant. Drip saves water and money because it is not effected by wind so evaporation is greatly reduced as well as run off.

Updating your existing system to make it more efficient, or just a good tune up.
Full Coverage has extensive experience with repairs, weather it is freeze damage or a missing head.
Whatever your Sprinkler needs Full Coverage can provide a knowledgeable professional to help with your irrigation needs.
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